Driving Lessons – Episode 24

“Damn, Becky! You’re so shameless”, Janet exclaimed. Becky laughed like a demon who just possessed a new body (don’t ask how I know). Becky didn’t finish laughing when Janet reached for my semi limp cock. She stroked it and pushed me until I was on my back. Janet sucked my dick into hardness while Becky fingered her clit right beside us. I soon gestured for Janet to sit on my face in order to return the favor my cock was getting from her mouth. We did the sixty-nine position for a few minutes before Janet took her mouth off my dick. Becky took over but she didn’t suck me for up to a minute. She got up and positioned her pussy on the tip of my cock. My dick was hard and filled with joy and gladness.

Becky lowered her body into mine slowly and my cock became so excited. Her pussy was slimy as fuck so my dick slid in too easily. But for the warmth in her pussy, it felt so heavenly that I felt like cumming deep inside her immediately. I had to distract myself with Janet’s pussy by sucking and chewing harder on her clit. Becky began to slide her pussy up and down on my vein filled cock. Janet started pressing her pussy harder against my mouth despite my hard sucking. Then I knew Janet was on the verge of an orgasm. I slapped her ass real hard and squeezed them with both hands as Janet came in my mouth. She gave Becky a passionate kiss right after. Becky adjusted herself slightly and bounced on my cock as fast and high as she could until she came.

Janet took the baton from Becky and sat on my dick. R Kelly’s Slow Wind song came into my mind immediately from the way Janet moved her waist on me. Becky then sat her fat pussy on my face and took Janet’s nipple in her mouth at the same time. Janet fucked me so good while I ate the hell out of Becky’s fat meaty pussy. Janet closed her eyes and screamed loudly as she came on my dick. She got off my dick after cumming and I pushed Becky up too. Janet then positioned herself for some doggy action. My dick was throbbing with excitement from the sight of Janet’s parted pussy lips so I pushed it in without delay. She moaned and tightened her pussy around my cock as I pounded her pussy from behind.

We moved to the sitting room and fucked for about two hours while watching porn. I came twice before Becky checked the time and announced that it was past 1am in the morning. It was an orgy in chief Obi’s house as Janet, Becky and I walked around the house naked. I remember we decided to watch Jason Statham’s Transporter 3 movie when Becky started playing with my dick again. By then Janet had fallen asleep. Becky turned to face the armrest of the sofa and arched her back to show her bubble butt. The view got my dick harder and I didn’t waste any time in moving closer to her. I held Becky’s ass and my erect dick went straight for her pussy. Becky moaned like a super bitch as she took my deep thrusts. My cock went on rampage.

It wasn’t long before I came and poured my sperm on her breasts. We both passed out on the sofa right beside Janet. Last thing I remember was me trying to catch my breath after the aggressive fucking I gave Becky. Then she told me she’ll have no need for a fuck anytime soon. I slept off and the only reason I woke up at 10am the next morning was because my phone rang endlessly. I got several missed calls by the time I woke up. They were from Bella and some foreign number. Bella’s line was out f reach when i called her back. Meanwhile, the international number redirected me to the voice mail after saying the number is unavailable. I soon gave up trying as I wanted to sleep some more but my mind got too busy.

Before leaving Janet’s house for mine, I used the shower and got dressed. There was no issue until I got to my gate and observed Bella’s apartment was busy. I saw two cars parked in front of Bella’s apartment. I decided to use the opportunity to check on her and to find out why she was calling me earlier. The faces I met in Bella’s apartment were sorrowful ones. I asked for Bella and a young lady who claimed to be Bella’s cousin told me Bella just lost her mom. As a matter of fact, Bella was on her way to Delta State already. I became speechless and just walked back slowly to my apartment.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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