Driving Lessons – Episode 22

I suddenly remembered a fact I read earlier that day on Facebook that said, “All genius are freaks”. Starting from Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla and Leonardo Davinci to Tunde Jones (winks), I realized we’re all freaks. Meanwhile, Janet was waiting for me with her legs wide open on the kitchen cabinet. It felt like I was viewing the front cover of a glossy adult magazine. The devilish smile on Janet’s face was the real deal. She knew she had conquered me from the lustful look on my face and the sudden bulge in my pants. I went on fours instantly and crawled like a hunting tiger until I was directly in front of Janet and staring at her pussy. My nose caught a whiff of the vanilla flavor from the ice cream on Janet’s pussy.

As I was about to start licking the ice cream off Janet’s pussy, I noticed there was a bowl beside her. I opened it and found more ice cream in it so I applied some to Janet’s inner ankle. Then I drew a straight line with the cream all the way up to her pussy on both legs. I also added more cream to her nipples while fondling her breasts gently. Janet and I were so turned on already so I went back on my knees. I carefully licked the cream from her left inner ankle up through her knee to the freshly growing pubes between her legs. Janet held my head and was going to press it hard against her pussy for further licking but I escaped her grip. I stood up and licked the cream off her nipples, one after the other.

Janet’s nipples were hard as I teased them with my tongue. I squeezed hard on them and Janet gave me a different but sweeter moan each time. She was really enjoying the tease so I decided to play with her pussy some more. I got the ice cream bowl and poured more cream on Janet’s pussy, each time licking it off with my tongue. Janet moaned recklessly as I tongue-fucked her excited twat. Her pussy lips pulsated in a way that could only mean bliss. Janet raised her legs high up in the air and I helped her sustain them there with my hands. My tongue probed deeper inside her pussy and I felt some more sweetness. The ice cream had seeped deeper into her pussy. I tried licking it all up but Janet had a convulsive orgasm instead.

“Tunde, please gimme that dick now”, Janet begged. I ignored her and just kept on sucking on her clit. Janet moaned louder when I pushed my index finger into her. She tightened her thigh around my head and came in my mouth once more. “Please fuck me now”, she begged again. I got up and removed everything I was having on me. Good thing chief won’t be back until a week’s time so the whole house is ours. My hard cock dangled between my legs as I carried Janet off the kitchen cabinet. Her light weight reminded me of one of the benefits of bleeping skinny women. I carried her thighs in both hands and lowered her body until the tip of my cock was touching her pussy entrance. Janet began to moan like I was fucking her already.

Apparently, my dick was delaying so Janet reached for it and rubbed it against the slime her pussy had been producing. I moved my waist to and fro until the tip of my cock was inside her pussy. Janet moaned as I lowered her body some more thereby allowing my dick to go halfway inside her. Janet grabbed my neck and pressed her body firmly against mine like she wanted a deeper penetration. At the same time, her pussy wall was contracting around my turgid dick. Tears started rolling down Janet’s cheeks as soon as I started pounding her pussy. She moaned and creamed helplessly on my dick and that just made me fuck her the more. Janet came twice before my arms got tired from her weight. Her legs were weak and shaky when I dropped her on the kitchen floor.

We decided to take a break and went back into the sitting room. I reached for the fish and chips on the center table and munched like one who just survived a famine. I was almost halfway into my treat by the time Janet brought me a drink. “Oh! So you were this hungry yet you were fucking me like that?”, Janet asked. “Why won’t I fuck when you looked like some porn star in there earlier?”, I responded. We heard knocks on the main door and quickly put on our clothes. It was the security guard. “Madam! Your friend Becky dey for gate. She don call but you no dey pick na im I say make I call you”, he said.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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