Driving Lessons – Episode 18

The shock on my face was highly undeniable. I didn’t know why Janet and her dad have decided to give me such an august visit. Could it be because of last night or was Janet naive enough to confess to her dad that she spent the night with me? I prepared my mind for the worse and Tinu was scared to the bones when I told her Janet was around. I told her not to panic though as long as she stays put in my bedroom while Janet and Chief Obi were around. Tinu agreed and I quickly got rid of any thing Tinuish (pardon my grammar) in my sitting room. After dropping Tinu’s items on the bed, I shut my almost always open bedroom door. I got to the gate and was surprised to find father and daughter leaning on their car smiling at me.

I was almost going to scold Janet for standing there with her father and not coming inside despite knowing my apartment. Then I remembered Janet wasn’t even supposed to know my house. As soon as I greeted chief, I turned to Janet and before I could fake seeing her for the first time that day, she greeted. “Tunde, good morning. Are you surprised? You pointed your house to me the other day we drove past your street, remember?”, Janet lied. Quickly, I figured out what she was trying to do and I played along accordingly. “Oh! Forgetful me. How could I forget we stopped to buy ice cream at that store right there?”, I said while pointing to the supermarket just a few houses away from mine. Chief smiled as I ushered them both through my gate and straight to my apartment.

As soon as they sat in my sitting room, I asked what they’ll like to take for visiting me for the first time. “Don’t bother yourself Tunde”, chief replied in his Igbo toned English. Janet refused to take anything either. Instead she went on to compliment my apartment. “You have a nice place”, she said. In my mind I was just seeing Janet as one bad girl from a good father. If only chief had an inkling that his beloved daughter got dicked down in the same apartment all night. I sat in the seat in front of them and looked into chief Obi’s face as if to get some instruction. Chief cleared his throat and began, “Tunde my son, please I need you to do me a big favor. I’m travelling tonight”.

“Please help me keep Janet company while I’m away. I don’t want to leave her alone with the security guard in the house”. Yes! That was the thought and expectation I had in my head until chief Obi’s Igbo accent brought me back to reality. Chief was already handing his business over to Janet stylishly. He had to be on a flight to China that very evening and had just dismissed his driver. Secondly, he wanted me to always sit beside Janet as she drives to and from the office while he was away. I started seeing money coming to me from chief for all his demands and my street sense kicked in. Chief asked me to name my price when I told him I would be occupied with other things and wouldn’t be chanced enough.

We soon came to a conclusion and I was to pick chief up by 6pm and drop him off at the airport. They rose up from their seats and were ready to leave. A sound came from my bedroom and we all turned back. It sounded like something got knocked off a surface and fell to the floor. The bedroom door was shut so there wasn’t much to see. I told them it must have been the fan that knocked something off my table. As we got to my door, I spotted Tinu’s shoes at my entrance and I knew I have fucked up. How couldn’t I have noticed it earlier. Janet picked the shoe up, “dad! See the type of shoes you bought for me and my friends on your last trip”, she said.

Chief explained to his daughter that there was nothing new under the sun and that nothing was made for only one person then asked Janet to hand me a brown envelope she took from the car. We exchanged goodbyes, Janet winked at me and they left. I walked back to my apartment and headed straight for my bedroom. “Janet saw your shoes. Did her dad buy it for you?”, I asked. “Oh my God!”, Tinu exclaimed while covering her wide open mouth with both hands. “Shit! Yes, he did”, Tinu answered. I climbed back into bed beside her with an expressionless face and opened my envelope.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

4 thoughts on “Driving Lessons – Episode 18”

  1. That was close bro..
    Janet and her friends sef..
    I think you should get them to all agree to a foursome..
    I’ve got that somewhere on my bucket list.

      1. Hahahahahaha…. I still Dey learn o… You be boss na. Make me sef come join you for your taxi business.. Story go over full..

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