Driving Lessons – Episode 17

I followed Tinu in order to protect her from falling as she staggered her way into the bathroom. After positioning her under the shower, she hugged me tightly as soon as the water touched her skin. At first I thought it was just a reaction to the coolness of the water until Tinu didn’t want to let go of me. She got my clothes wet in the process but I managed to escape her grip and walked out of the bathroom quickly. “Tunde, please come and stay with me now”, Tinu called from the bathroom. She went quiet after several calls of my name. Meanwhile, I removed my wet clothes for a change. The shower went off and I didn’t hear a sound from Tinu so I moved closer to the bathroom to check on her. Tinu had one hand between her legs.

She was backing the door so she didn’t notice me on time. I watched as Tinu fingered her pussy first slowly and then faster while releasing very soft innocent moans. She finger-fucked herself so good that she had an orgasm. All these while I was standing there watching and I must confess my dick started getting hard. Tinu moaned again as she pushed her middle finger inside her hole from behind. With my natural zoom lens I magnified the view and realized Tinu’s hand wasn’t going low enough to enter her pussy. My curiosity mode was activated instantly and I looked closer until I confirmed she was actually fingering her ass hole. “Yes! I said it. I could tell she was anally oriented from the way her ass hole gaped the last time we were together”. My dick became rock hard instantly.

Tinu revealed her freaky side to me that moment when started calling my name while fingering her ass hole. She was obviously fantasizing about me fucking her in the ass as she masturbated in the shower. Alcohol must have clouded her reasoning for her to think no one was watching. I deceived myself for several minutes saying I’m not gonna fuck Tinu but then I didn’t know how I got so close to her under the shower and grabbed her from behind. Tinu looked at me from my toes straight up and then directly into my eyes. She sighed and rested her body into mine such that my throbbing cock dangled between her thighs and cute ass. Tinu held my dick and rubbed it on her pussy until I pushed it inside her. She faced the water closet and bent over immediately so my dick went deeper.

I bleeped her pussy in the doggy position until she came twice. We stayed under the shower for a while before going back into my bedroom. We dried our bodies and climbed into bed. Tinu laid on her back immediately and raised her legs for me to fuck her some more. I spread her legs wider and slapped her clit hard with my still hard and throbbing cock. She moaned and squirted lightly at first but then she lost control. She squirmed and squirted some more as I endlessly teased her clit with my cock. Tinu begged me to fuck her and stop teasing so I held my dick and pressed it extra hard on her clit while rubbing it down and past her pussy. Her eyes opened wider and her mouth made an ‘o’ shape as she felt the tip of my penis touch her ass hole.

Tinu asked if I was going to fuck her in the ass while raising her ass up into my loins in hopes that my dick will go into her ass. At the same time I moved my waist closer and the tip of my cock went inside her. I started fucking her ass slowly and Tinu became more coordinated all of a sudden. It seemed as though my dick in her ass just wiped off the effect of the alcohol she took earlier. “Oh! Go deeper Tunde. My ass needs your cock deep inside it. Please fuck me hard”, Tinu begged. I could tell she wasn’t a newcomer with the anal thing so I suddenly rammed my dick deep inside her. Tinu’s hand found her pussy immediately and she started rubbing it while I fucked her ass. Her orgasm was a prolonged one.

I held her ankles and raised her legs higher in the air as I fucked the living daylight out of Tinu’s ass. She soon announced that she was cumming again so I fucked her harder until she rubbed her pussy and squirted for me once more. The way her ass muscles tightened on my shaft made me withdraw my cock from her ass and pour my seed on her pussy. I laid on my back for a while until my phone rang. It was Janet and she’s at my gate with her dad. Fuck!

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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