Driving Lessons – Episode 15

Bella adjusted her gown as she walked into the sitting room and then to the main door. I followed her and opened the door as quietly as I could. As soon as she left, I bolted my door and returned to find Janet still sleeping on the sofa. I moved closer in order to wake her up so we can spend the rest of the night in the bedroom but Janet woke up almost immediately. “Is everything okay?”, Janet asked. “Nothing, I just came to be sure the door was locked and to take you to the bedroom”, I answered. Janet gave me a very pretty smile that made me lift her up from the sofa and carry her in my arms into the bedroom. She removed her top as soon as I laid her on the bed and I took my shorts off too. I climbed into bed beside her.

Laying on my back I started playing back the memories of Bella’s late night visit. I fantasized abut Bella having a change of mind and fucking me right there in my bed while Janet was asleep in the sitting room. My dick got charged from my thoughts and Janet noticed it immediately. She adjusted herself until she was low enough to have her mouth on my dick. Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! She went until she had almost my full length in her throat. The feeling was so good but I started losing my erection at some point. At this point, I had to close my eyes and imagine it was Bella giving me head. I got super hard again and got up almost immediately. Janet laid on her back and started rubbing her pussy. My dick almost exploded as I watch Janet pleasure herself with her fingers.

I lowered my body into hers and gradually pushed my dick into her wet cunt until my loins were rubbing against hers. Janet raised her legs higher as the pumping got more intense. I could see visible white lines on my dick as Janet began to give her cream to me without reserve. The more I plowed her pussy, the messier her pussy got from the cream. I slowed the pace of my thrusts down and Janet jerked her waist up like she needed a deeper penetration between her legs. “If you want it come and get it”, I whispered into her ear. She moaned softly and began to push her waist up into my dick while hugging my dick tightly with her pussy walls with every thrust. Janet fucked me until she could no longer go on so I held her waist and pounded her deeper and harder until she screamed in ecstasy.

We fucked in all the imaginable and unimaginable postures and it was a night of bliss for both of us. I came twice but for Janet, it was an endless orgasmic ordeal. She even professed love to me on several occasions. She said something I will never forget in a hurry. After apologizing for having to push herself on me so much earlier, she said, “a woman will cross seven seas and mountains for a rematch if the dick is good”. She confessed to have masturbated twice during the day thinking about me. There and then I knew someone was starting to get too serious. It must have been almost 3am in the morning before we both passed out. Tinu’s call came in and I had to jump out of bed and walk into the sitting room before picking up. Tinu said she was on her way to my place.

At first it felt like I was still in dreamland. I entered the bathroom and washed my face with some water before checking my phone again. Yes, I just spoke with Tinu and she was on her way or probably very close to my house. I walked back into the sitting room and while being lost in my thoughts I realized Janet’s phone and purse were laying on my sofa. There were nineteen missed calls on her phone. Then I checked the time and realized it was 9:30am. I raised the blinds and the bright rays of the hot morning son filled my sitting room instantly. Janet and I have been sleeping for about six hours straight. I took the phone and purse to Janet in bed and she freaked out when she realized what time of the day it was. The nineteen missed calls were from her dad.

Janet rushed into the shower and while she was there I came up with an idea. I checked my phone again and found the Whatsapp icon beside Tinu’s number which meant I could reach her via Whatsapp. I clicked and realized she was online only a few moments ago.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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