Driving Lessons – Episode 14

My mind started singing that Fela Kuti classic immediately, ‘Palaver, e dey find. Palaver, e go get’. Before I could finish humming the song to myself, Bella stretched her palm straight in my face and I saw her fingers glistening from her pussy juice. My nose also caught a whiff of her pussy scent as she returned her hand. I got hard immediately. She was truly wet from my stories but I thought of Bella’s boldness showing me her pussy juice, in my own bedroom and in the middle of the night. “There’s only one thing that can happen”, I said to myself. I moved closer to Bella and grabbed the same hand she showed me earlier. I placed it on my nose and sniffed it well enough to master the scent. It felt really good that I did not know when I put them on my lips and began to lick them. Bella suddenly pushed my face with her palm, “see your face. Ashawo boy”, she said. She then stepped back, adjusted her gown and started walking toward the door. Make una imagine o, will LTD18.com fans forgive me if I told them someone as sexy as Bella walked into my bedroom at night and showed me she was horny yet I let her go unfucked? I bet they won’t. Quickly, I ran in front of Bella and stood between her and the door.

“Tunde. What is it now?”, Bella asked. I didn’t care to answer, I just pulled her closer and kissed her slowly on her neck. She tried feebly to resist it but soon gave in and started moaning as I smooched her mature but soft skin. I licked her from her neck up to her ears and Bella just surrendered her whole body to me. My hands found her moderate ass and squeezed on them. Bella moaned louder. We began to kiss and my fingers began to get adventurous by slowly raising Bella’s already short gown. In no time I was squeezing on her bare ass and she was loving it as she pressed her body firmly into mine. I took Bella’s hand down to my pants for her to feel my bulge. She moaned as my stiff cock pulsated within her grasp. I knew it was time for the dickdown so I pushed Bella slowly back to the bed. She laid on her back and I started kissing her inner thighs. I went from left to right while deliberately avoiding her pussy. It was driving her crazy. “Hmm…Tunde! This thing wey you dey do me ehnsss…aaah”, she said when I noticed her vulva moving. Immediately, I planted my lips on her pussy and began to lick the surface area until I could feel Bella’s clitoris with my tongue. I poked her clit severally with my tongue until it was hard and I could almost hear the rush of blood through the veins around her pussy.

Bella was clearly on fire and needs to be fucked vehemently so that everything can return to normal. I continued licking her pussy until a reasonable portion of my face was covered in Bella’s cunt juice. Bella held my head and pressed it deeper into her pussy and I caught her clit with my teeth and lips at the same time, softly though. She pulled and whined her waist while I chewed and sucked on her clit. I was almost going to choke between Bella’s thighs so I tried removing my head but she tightened her thighs around my head. Her body was shaking and I knew she was on the verge of an orgasm so I was encouraged to go on with the sucking. I pulled harder on her clit with my lips while letting my tongue rub and swipe her pussy walls and surroundings. A slightly salty taste in my mouth made me realize Bella just came. She released her hold on my head right after and collapsed on her back. I was hoping to get my dick sucked by her but then I had to preach to myself immediately, “Rome wasn’t built in a day. If she doesn’t suck me today, she will another time. At least make I fuck”, I said to myself.

I brought my super charged dick out of my now wet pants. Anticipation got my dick drooling already and ready for some action. To cut the long story short, I spread Bella’s legs and slapped my dick on her clit. Her waist jerked upward instantly so I made to push my happy joystick inside her dripping pussy. Aunty Bella caught my dick halfway and shook her head. “No way”, she said. “Eh? What do you mean? After every…”, I quipped. That was when I heard the most unfathomable story of my life. I heard her say a lot of stuff but the most memorable one was, “I’m really sorry. I’m not into guys”. I asked her why she moaned when she held my cock earlier if she didn’t feel good about it. Question after question I bombarded her until she ran out of reasonable answers. “you’re sexually confused madam, let me bring you back to sanity”, I begged Bella as I forcefully opened her legs and tried to insert my dick into her still wet cunt. She resisted still and the look on her face became very unfriendly. She must really not like to take a dick. Suddenly, it all made sense to me that Bella was all over me for Becky as a lover. It’s good. I respect lesbianism as a sexual orientation but before I connect her to Becky, i must penetrate her punani, I concluded.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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