Driving Lessons – Episode 13

She grabbed my dick instantly and shoved it back into her vagina. “I’m about to cum too”, she said. I tried my best to delay my ejaculation but it didn’t work so I just kept on hitting Janet’s G-spot with my cumming dick. I groaned like a wild animal and I could tell my face must be very ugly at that moment. My left hand reached higher and grabbed her left breast while my right hand held Janet’s thigh high up. I pummeled her pussy violently while pouring my hot semen very deep inside her pussy. Just as I was done cumming, Janet took the baton. She dropped her thigh from my hand after the first spasm and tightened her pussy on my dick and squeezed on it hard as she came. Janet moaned and cried from the extreme pleasure her pussy just received. We both laid on the sofa exhausted and were chatting when the lights came on. Trust kids, they screamed “Up NEPA!!” from the next apartment. It’s a Nigerian tradition. You must celebrate power whenever it comes on. I checked the wall clock and it was 10:53pm. “When are you going home?”, I asked Janet. “Oh! I don’t wanna get home late. Please kick me out once it’s 6am”, she responded in a funny baby voice. I just looked at her and shook my head. The only thing I could say was, “you no serious”.

I picked our clothes off the sitting room floor and Janet walked after me as I led her into my bedroom. She just looked around like a pupil on excursion. We soon walked into the shower together and freshened up. I was tempted to fuck Janet once more while inside the shower but I knew I’ll have her to myself all night so there’s no need to rush. I wore one of my spandex shorts and just before I could pick one of my XL sized T shirts for Janet to wear, she already reached for the nearest one. It was the same baseball jersey Becky wore earlier. Janet sniffed the shirt before putting it on. “There’s a way this shirt smells”, she said. “How?”, I asked. “Never mind, could be your body lotion”, Janet concluded. I knew it was Becky’s scent. The smell was just too familiar to Janet but she couldn’t fix the puzzle at the moment. There’s no way she’ll want to believe that any of her friends got to know my house even before she did. But that’s the simple unbelievable truth. The shirt looked big on Janet and I could tell Becky was almost thrice Janet’s size. We went back into the sitting room and cuddled while we watched TV. It was almost midnight when I heard soft knocks on my door.

Janet was fast asleep in my arms so I gently replaced my arm with two throw pillows and headed toward the door. “Who goes there?”, I gently asked. “Mr Tunde, it’s me, Bella. Make I see you sharply, abeg”, she whispered. I began to wonder what the cause could be for her visit at such hour of the night. She could have waited for the next morning to talk about Becky. Well, I opened the door as quietly as I could and I was astonished. Bella was smelling so good and looking so fresh like she was on her way out. But then, she was wearing a skimpy and almost transparent nightgown. I could see the outline of her pussy lips courtesy of the see through nature of her nightie. Bella smiled at me and asked, “make I enter?”. I looked back briefly and saw that Janet was fast asleep then looked back to Bella. “Sure! Why not?”, I whispered. Bella stepped in and she was about to start talking when I put my index finger over her lips. I ushered her into my bedroom and closed the door. Bella had a funny expression on her face instantly. I could bet her next words will be, “what are you trying to do?”, so I quickly told her I brought her into my bedroom so we can talk without being heard.

“Tunde, who be that one again? Na wah o. You be real bad guy”, she said while giving me a high five. Her skimpy gown almost flew up to reveal her pubes as she raised her hand high up in the air. I started growing a bulge instantly and had to place my hand as a cover on my dick while answering her. I quickly explained that Janet is Becky’s friend and that I met Janet first. Bella just looked at me in awe. As soon as I realized my story got her attention, I decided to get more explicit by sharing the whole story from the first time I met Janet and how she playfully seduced me in her car, meeting her friends on our way to the beach party and how I secretly connected with both Tinu and Becky. I didn’t spare the fucking details. “I suspect Tinu is into anal sex from the way her ass gaped the last time. She should be here tomorrow”, I said. “Ah! Tunde. God no go let toto kill you o”, she prayed. I confessed to Bella right away my love for sex and everything surrounding it. “Hmm…make I come dey go my house before my toto go wet too much”, Bella said as she stood up to leave. “Really? How can you get wet so easily?”, I asked. “You think say I dey joke? Come see am na”, Bella said while raising her gown to touch her wet pussy. No pants under.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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      1. New year is good bro…
        New pussies are available just haven’t had time to do any of them.. But then, the time to start that is near..
        Anyhow wey e be, I still dey learn for your side.

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