Driving Lessons – Episode 12

Janet obviously wasn’t planning to go home that night although I tried my best to push her away. I wanted to go home and rest my head at least but not until I’m done making sure Janet was home safely. After I cleared our bills at the bar and we got into my car I started driving to nowhere. “You don’t want me to know your house, abi?”, Janet asked. “Oh! You must be married or trying to hide something”, she accused. I was almost losing it behind the wheels. “which kain by-force relationship be this one na?”, I said in my mind. Still in my mind, I had a crowd in front of me screaming on top of their voices, “drop her off…drop her off…drop her off!”. She could tell I was angry from the expression on my face, plus my dead silence was killing. Janet kept quiet right after that and I just drove around for a bit until I made up my mind to go home. No word from Janet until I stopped at a fuel station and removed a container from the trunk of my car. I bought some fuel and returned the container into my trunk and just as I was about to ignite the car, Janet broke the silence. “I was just missing your company and wanted to spend some time with you but it’s plain to see that the feeling’s not mutual. Please take me home”, she said.
I drove on without uttering a statement until I got to my house gate. Janet looked in my direction and our eyes met as soon as I parked the car. I turned off the ignition and picked up a few personal stuff from the dashboard. “Welcome to Tunde’s house”, I announced. Janet was excited but she did a good job in concealing it. She just followed me sheepishly from the car into my apartment. There was power outage and I was glad I bought some fuel. I tried to excuse myself from Janet so I can quickly fuel the generating set but before I could finish my first word, Janet cut in, “please! Don’t talk to me. Just do whatever you want. Mr Shakara. Mtscheew”. The torch on my iPhone was on so my sitting room was lit enough for me to see her face wasn’t looking so serious. “you too, mtscheew. Naughty girl”, I responded and hissed back at her playfully. Just before I could get to the door, I received a smack on my ass. I acted on reflex and grabbed the hand. I forcefully pulled Janet closer like I was going to lift and fling her against the wall. She let out a sharp scream and I covered her mouth with mine before she could recover from the shock.
That was how I forgot about fueling the generator and started making out with Janet in my sitting room. We kissed passionately and I caressed her cute body until we both fell on my sofa. Janet reached for my belt and started undoing the buckle immediately. She was too eager to have my dick and couldn’t wait to get naked with me. “Lemme quickly bolt my door”, I asked and Janet released me. Quickly, I opened the door and was going to start the generating set but then I thought of Bella my neighbor. She might want to come around to discuss our pending deal once she sees the lights from my apartment so I decided to hold on. I was already in the mood for some self made porn action and I didn’t want anything to interrupt it. The moment I bolted my door and looked at Janet, her top was off leaving just her bra and jeans on. I held her close to my chest and we continued making out. As a professional, I unhooked her bra with my left hand while we kissed and held her breasts in my hands. I sucked on them and Janet started moaning. My fingers explored her body while she held on to me like I was her last opportunity to breathe. I unzipped her flies and she got out of her jeans in no time. I removed everything on me and we were both naked.
Janet knelt on the sofa and held the back rest with both hands. She looked back at me and parted her ass with her right hand. She must be expecting me to insert my hard penis into her from behind but then I disappointed her. I just went on my knees and spread her ass with both hands. A swipe on her pussy lips from my tongue got her shuddering. She jerked her ass in my face and I knew she wanted more action on her pussy. I licked Janet’s vulva until she was dripping. Her anus wasn’t spared either as I worked my tongue magic on Janet. My sitting room was filled with her soft moans until she told me she was going to cum. I quickly got up and pushed my turgid pole inside her pussy until my full length was in. I was about five deep thrusts gone when I heard a rupturing sound from Janet’s pussy. She neighed like a horse as she had an orgasm and I just continued digging her excited cunt with my happy cock. “Tunde, I want you always”, Janet cried but I acted like I didn’t hear a thing and just pounded her pussy harder until she raised one of her legs in the air. I held the leg and helped her raise it further up thereby opening her pussy wider and allowing my dick go deeper into her wet cunt. I wanted to pull out as I was going to cum but Janet had other plans.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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