Driving Lessons – Episode 11

Janet called to remind me of sending her my address and I did right after dropping her call. Becky and I were heading into the shower when Janet called again. “Tunde, I’m actually very close to your house. Can you check on me at Mimi’s Beauty Palace?”, she asked. Mimi’s Beauty Palace was less than ten minutes drive away from my house. I tried beating around the bush for a while but Janet had a reason to flaw each of my excuses until it sounded like I was deliberately trying to avoid her. She just wanted to see me by all means and even offered to meet me wherever I was. I couldn’t say no to Janet anymore. Her persistence beats that of the famous biblical widow. I agreed to see Janet in hopes that Becky would leave right after the shower. By the time I was done talking to Janet over the phone, Becky was done in the shower and back into my bedroom getting dressed. I entered the shower too and as soon as I began, there were knocks on my door. Janet couldn’t have been here so fast, I thought, so I asked Becky to help check who it was. I soon heard voices in a conversation in my sitting room and then I knew it was Bella. By the time I was done in the shower, Bella and Becky were sitting side by side and chatting comfortably with each other.

I raised my bedroom curtain slightly to the side and watching the two ladies chatting in my sitting room made me feel like walking in between them unclad and engaging them in an epic threesome. It took me a very short while to get dressed in my blue Tommy jeans and carton colored T shirt before sliding into my Timberland boots. I mixed dashes of various colognes together and checked myself in the mirror. My swag was on point so I stepped out to be with the ladies who were still laughing off in the sitting room. Becky was all smiles and I could tell she was proud of my appearance. Meanwhile, Bella my neighbor was there biting and licking her lips randomly and I could tell she was being attracted to me too. We all got up as Becky was ready to leave and Bella went back into her apartment. I started my car and drove off to drop Becky at a convenient bus stop. As soon as Becky fund a cab, I headed West toward Mimi’s Beauty Palace where I was to meet Janet. I walked into the big glass doors of the salon and Janet was there smiling at me through the mirror as her hair was being worked on. One could tell she’ll be looking so beautiful after the hair’s completed. There was good background music and the salon was active as I grabbed and pressed Janet’s shoulders while greeting her hair stylist. Janet was all smiles as I took a seat in the waiting section.

Every now and then, Janet would stare at me through the mirror and send me either a smile or wink. Her hair was almost done but that would be in about ten minutes. I looked across the salon and saw a refrigerator loaded with drinks and other items for sale by the side. “You’re having the munchies too?”, Janet asked as I walked toward the fridge. I told her I just wanted to snack on something while waiting and she reached into her big handbag to bring out a can of onion flavored pringles. “Thanks dearie”, I said with a smile and returned to my sit. I was munching away on the pringles and watching musicals on the large TV on the salon wall when I got a text message on my phone. I quickly opened and it was Becky. “I’m almost home baby. I’m so gonna sleep. You fucked my pussy sore. Thx”, was the content of the text. I smiled and looked at Janet but she wasn’t looking my way. Becky might give me a call as soon as she gets home and I didn’t want that to happen while I’m with Janet so I played a fast one by calling her first. I lowered my voice as much as possible and paced toward the fridge. Becky understood when I told her I need to be in church but will give her a call as soon as I’m done.

Janet’s hair was completed minutes after and we left the salon as soon as she was done paying. I offered to pay on her behalf but she declined and I was secretly happy. That was some unforeseen seven thousand Naira I escaped. We got into my car and I asked Janet what way we should go. She hesitated for a while like she was confused and needed me to help her out. I knew the best thing she could hear for the evening was for me to suggest my place but hell no, I have fucked enough for the day. Janet and Tinu in the early hours of the day, Becky in the afternoon and I still had high hopes of bleeping Bella my neighbor anytime soon. “If I go home with Janet again tonight, it might become a turn off for Bella”, I thought and I didn’t want to appear as an overly promiscuous fella. I just drove off and stopped at a bar where we had drinks and barbecue until it was almost 10pm. Janet was so enjoying my company that she didn’t even give going home a thought. I told her to let me know when she’s ready to leave so I can drop her off at home. Instead of giving a response, Janet stared at me in a very needy way. Her eyes were begging me to take her home and fuck her into the morning light but…


To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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