Driving Lessons – Episode 10

I wanted to fuck Bella so badly that she’s the one I think of the most whenever I masturbate. Her lips on my cock would feel like a lifetime accomplishment any day. Fucking her would be heaven on earth and this was an opportunity for me to give it a shot. I grabbed my skimpiest towel and wrapped it around my waist such that my bulge was obvious. My body was quite sweaty and my abs were extra ripped from the recent fuck session. I wanted Bella to know what has been going down in my bedroom since she left in hopes that it will put thoughts of fucking me into her head. Bella winked at me as soon as I opened the door. “Bad guy. See as you dey sweat. How your girl na?”, she asked. For the first time, Bella was talking to me without looking straight into my eyes. Instead, she was blushing and subconsciously adjusting her dress. I knew she was looking at my towel and probably undressing me in her imagination. I heard footsteps behind me and looked inside to see Becky going toward the kitchen. I signaled Bella to come in and tell me about the deal she was hinting on earlier but she refused. She claimed it was for my ears and hers only. No third parties. “Why? I thought it was about Becky”, I whispered. She nodded in affirmation but then she whispered back, “if she don waka, we go yarn”.

I bolted my door after Bella returned into her apartment. Becky was trying to get comfy in the sitting room. She looked so beautiful in my Large sized baseball jersey. It was just cute on her thick body and barely managed to cover her pubes. “You and your neighbor are quite close”, Becky commented. “Oh! Yes. She’s the most cheerful and understanding neighbor I have”, I responded. Becky stared at me from my eyes down to my bulge in such a way that my short towel almost fell off my waist. “I think she’s more than just a neighbor from the way she’s all over you despite seeing me here”, she said. All the thoughts I’ve ever had toward Bella started playing in my head immediately, none of which was less than highly erotic. My dick started getting hard and a sudden guilt filled my head. I have fucked Bella in my mind so much that I could not look Becky straight in the eye to tell her the truth that I wasn’t sexually involved with Bella. My self made mental misery ended when Becky took a bite on one of my toasts. “Mmm…where did you buy this?”, she asked. I told her I made them myself and she was surprised. “With YouTube? All things are possible”, I said.

Janet’s call came in on my phone. She was really excited when I picked up. I sat in the sofa and Becky laid her head on my thigh while I spoke with Janet over the phone. “Can I see you this evening?”, Janet asked. “Aww…I’m so sorry I can’t be out again today. Why don’t we see tomorrow?”, I responded. Janet wouldn’t give up. “Okay! Text me your address. I’ll come to your house now”, she asked. Becky could hear our conversation and I saw the disappointment in her face the moment Janet asked for my address. Becky wanted more time with me and looked like she won’t be leaving until later that evening. I had to lie to Janet that I was busy at a friend’s in my neighborhood and won’t be home until around 9pm. Janet gave up reluctantly but insisted that I sent her my address. She will be at my place very early the next morning. Becky raised my towel and began to play with my dick while I spoke with Janet. She licked the tip of my cock and teased the hole with her tongue until I got really hard. I muttered some meaningless words that got Janet asking if I was okay. I told her I was being distracted by a certain tutorial and she agreed to drop the call.

Becky got on her knees and took my cock deep in her throat. She sucked and slobbered on it until her saliva trickled down to my balls. She soon got up and sat on my pole while pressing her sweet breasts in my face. I just grabbed her ass and squeezed on them while Becky bounced on my cock. She moaned and tightened her pussy on my dick. I caught her nipple between my lips and kneaded them to satisfaction. Becky closed her eyes and rode me like I’ve never been ridden in a long time. Her thickness gave me lots of meat to grab here and there. She increased her pace and slammed her ass against my thighs until she climaxed. I made her go on her knees right after and I pushed my penis into her fat pussy from behind. Becky screamed like it was painful so I reduced the intensity of my thrusts but then she begged me to fuck her harder. My hands found her waist right after and I slammed her real hard and fast. Becky screamed and moaned louder than ever. She tried moving her pussy away from my dick but I followed her even into the corner of my sofa. Orgasm after orgasm she went until she started to squirt. Becky poured so much squirt juice on my sofa that I knew it had to be sun dried for days. “Please cum inside my pussy again”, Becky begged.

For the second time in a row, I came inside Becky’s sweet pussy. She rested her head on my torso and we watched TV until Janet’s call came through again.


To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Bad guy….
    Nice stories (8-10)..
    I wan sabi wetin Bella wan offer.. I hope say no be wetin me sef dey reason..

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