Driving Lessons – Episde 54

Bella was all over me before I could bolt my door. Her body was warm like she was literally on heat. My dick was hard too so I engaged her in some hardcore romance. We kissed passionately until the dominant part of Bella materialized. She asked me to follow her into my bedroom. As soon as we got to the bed, she pushed me into it and I fell on my back. Bella quickly yanked off her dungarees and climbed on top of me. She always reminds me of how I lost my virginity in high school. My school mother dominated me and I loved it. Bella pulled my pants and my dick sprung out. She had it by the hilt and began to lick the shiny tip. I couldn’t help but moan like a bitch getting fucked. Bella was enjoying it. She teased my cock for several minutes.

I got up and took charge by laying Bella on her back. She spread her legs like she wanted me to eat her pussy. Her pant was getting wet already before I planted my lips on it. I sucked Bella’s pussy through her pink silky pant. She moaned and begged me to give her my dick but I wasn’t done sucking her pussy yet. I used my pinky finger to pull her thongs to the left and began to lap on her pussy with my tongue. Then I pushed two fingers inside her pussy and began to fuck her with it. My tongue and fingers gave Bella so much pleasure that she lost control. I could feel her pussy pulsating with my lips. “Oooh…Tunde! Please stop…you’re going to make me mess your bed up”, she warned.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. I didn’t take Bella’s advice. Instead, I increased the thrust from my fingers. One high pitched scream and Bella squirted loads all over my face and body. The patch her squirt juice formed on my bed sheet was larger than the African map. Bella tried hard to push my head away as my lips caught her clit again. I squeezed hard on it with my tongue and upper lip. Bella wriggled her waist, groaned and went quiet all of a sudden. She was having an orgasm so I continued chewing her clit. Then a tsunami of squirt juice hit my mouth and beards. I held on to Bella’s clit with my lips and that only prolonged the squirting. Bella’s legs began to shake uncontrollably. I couldn’t wait to give her some dick.

Bella laid on her tummy and I climbed on top of her. I spread her ass with my hands and pointed my erect cock at her ever gaping anus. I lowered myself into her and she moaned as soon as my dick touched her ass hole. “Ass freak”, Bella whispered as I began to drive my turgid monster into her anus. I drove my shaft in as far as it could go and began to pound her ass slowly. Bella moaned and gripped my cock with her anal muscles. I increased the pace of my thrusts and Bella began to thrash. Lots of meaningless utterances followed by, “Ouuum! Aaaahsss! Tunde please fuck me hard in my ass”. I fucked Bella like my life depended on it until she climaxed. Her anus pulsated severally and squeezed on my cock. It felt so good I came on Bella’s ass.

Bella and I fell asleep beside each other right after having sex. I woke up two hours later and she was gone. Feeling so tired, I lingered in bed. Then I thought of my ordeal with Janet earlier in the day. I managed to keep my cool and played a fool. As far as I was concerned, nothing happened. I merely dropped the files and gave her reports on how much I was able to achieve all day. Janet couldn’t complain because she knew she’d been more irresponsible so far. Besides, I had my own life before chief’s business. We planned to meet later in the evening in order to go see chief at the hospital. Janet played like everything was normal. Usually, she would demand for sex but for the first time she didn’t. I figured she must have had enough.

Hunger soon motivated me to leave my bed. I heard knocks on my main door as soon as I got out of bed. It was Ekene. Bella sent her to bring me some food. I was so excited. The food was timely. I opened and found hot fried plantain and eggs. While I couldn’t wait to devour the meal, Ekene kept smiling at me seductively. “Okay! Tell your aunt I said thanks. Come for the dishes later”, I said to Ekene. She left reluctantly and I ate my food in peace. I got dressed right after the meal and headed to Janet’s place. Sitting in Janet’s Toyota Corolla felt like sitting on the floor. I got too used to the Range Rover within a short while. We got to the hospital and the doctor said chief will be discharged the next day.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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