Driving Lessons – Episode 48

I tapped Becky on the back and she let go of my dick. She got up and noticed the figure in front of my door too. “Who is that?”, Becky whispered to me. “Looks like Bella. Let’s find out”, I whispered back. I flashed the Range Rover’s full lights twice and saw the figure clearly like it was daylight. “This is Bella. But that dumb Ekene told me she traveled back to her home state”, I said. I rolled down the window and whispered, “Bella”. She heard me and came toward the car. I turned on the inner light and Bella was so excited to see us. Whether it was the car, my face or Becky’s, something has sparked a great excitement in Bella. I deactivated the central lock system and Bella entered the back seat.

Bella and Becky didn’t wait for me to finish my unnecessary introduction before they kissed. Watching both of them lock lips got me hard instantly. I got so greedy I wished I had two dicks to fuck them both at the same time. “So, you’re supposed to be on your way back to Delta State in a night bus”, I said to Bella. Bella paused for some seconds before responding. “Ekene is leaving my house tomorrow”, Bella said. She then told Becky and I all the tales she heard from the neighbors. Ekene has slept with every male who cared to have sex in the compound. All the boys on the street who roam about aimlessly now have a place in Ekene’s world. Anybody with a dick can help once she’s horny. Bella’s traveling was a ruse.

Becky was so keen on seeing the end of the Bella-Ekene movie. We all alighted from the car and walked quietly toward Bella’s apartment. We didn’t get too close before we began to hear moans. Other neighbors must have heard too. I went to my usual peep corner of the window and was stunned. I signaled Bella and Becky to come over and see. Bella screamed immediately. “Ekene! Open this door right now if you don’t want thunder to strike you dead”, she shouted. Becky and I were still peeping. Ekene left the two cocks she was holding and jumped up from the one she was riding. I could hear her whispering to the boys, “my aunty don come back”. Pandemonium broke out among the boys. They knew Ekene had gotten them into some deep shit.

Everybody knows Bella is a no nonsense waffy lady. Some neighbors were out to witness the midnight commotion. Bella found some wine bottle on the floor and picked it up. She was looking for something else when the door opened. One of the boys rushed out and Bella busted the wine bottle on his head. The boy didn’t care. He just ran outside the gate with his hand on the head. The other two boys were stuck. They didn’t want to come out so we entered to meet them inside. Ekene was frozen where she stood. I begged Bella to let them go because the boys were familiar faces. “They won’t be here if Ekene didn’t invite them”, I said. I shielded the boys with my body as they walked past Bella and ran out of the house.

Bella ranted endlessly and assured Ekene she was returning to her parents once it’s daybreak. “Can you imagine? Tunde, you’re the only man in this compound who has not fucked this useless girl”. I almost busted out laughing as the words came out of Bella’s mouth. If only she knew I was the chief launcher of Ekene’s pussy and anus before others came. Becky stepped closer to Bella and rubbed her back seductively. It was like water in fire. Bella’s anger was quenched immediately. “In fact, I don’t have your time now. Take a shower and sleep. You’re leaving once it’s daybreak”, she said to Ekene as we left for my apartment. We later found out Ekene had become popular in the neighborhood. She even earned a nickname.

We got into my apartment and I switched on the TV. I brought out glasses and two bottles of red wine. After pouring some wine I excused myself and ran into my bathroom. I lit up my weed and took a few puffs before returning to the ladies. They were already making out by the time I got to them. Bella was the oldest of the three of us and she took charge accordingly. She laid Becky down and spread her legs open like a man would. “Tunde, see what you’ve done to Becky’s pussy. It’s a wet mess”, Bella said. Then she planted her mouth on Becky’s pussy and began licking on it. My dick got so hard from where I stood. I went behind Bella and raised her gown up. Then I held my excited joystick in my hand.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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